Laser Master Europeans 2014 - Day 5 - 04/07/2014 (04-07-2014)

Poseidon or Neptune must have been very happy today,  against all ods a 14 knot SSW wind was thrown at us that died a little bit at the end but still enough to have an amazing racing day. He or they even weakend the current from 2 knots to zero.

The Brit Alan Jones captured the first place today, he came in 1st and 12th which was still enough to stay ahead and claim the biggest prize. On second place we have Dane Christian Pederson who finished 7th and 3th today. We withnessed a battle between “team Holland” and that resulted in a last minute 3th podium place for Lennart Cnossen from the Netherlands who finished 5th and 1st.

Eugh WOW... Perfection for Jon Emmett!!! Mister 1 did it again... I wonder if I should even mention his results... Yes, he finished 1st on both races again what makes him untouchable! The second place was for the Britt Ian Jones that managed to finish on 2nd and 7th today, which was more then enough to keep his possition. The Netherlands managed also conquer the thrith place in this class. Wilmar Groenendijk finish 7th and 15th.

Unfortunatly the Championship is over, but what a great experience it has been.  The organisation is left with a warm fuzzy feeling. We have been utterly impressed by meeting this thight sailing community. The friendschips and team spirit we have seen from the Masters is truly something that will be missed.

We would like to thank everybody that has worked together to make this event happen and offcourse all sailors!

A special thanks to our sponsors would be appropriate as this would not be possible without their support. They are: Knokke-Heist, De Vlaamse Overheid, VIVIUM, McDonald’s Landrover, Julbo, Gaastra, BMC, Blue Peter, VYF and last but certainly not least Laser Group Belgium.

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