Practical Info (15-05-2014)

Dear Sailors,
Dear Members and Sponsors,

We have almost reached the "100 registrations mark", Thank you!!
Planning to come but still didn't register or pay? Do it now by clicking this link! Because as of 29th of May 2014 the Entry Fee will no longer be 210€ but 310€!!!
In the last couple of weeks we received some questions about campers, parking spaces, etc...

Important to know:

* Camper places
We only have a limited amount of camper places in front of our club. 25 to be exact! We work on a first comes, first served base. Which means that the first 25 people who ask for a camper place, get one. Already 6 places are gone, so don't hesitate if you are planning to come by camper. Note: There is no electricity or water facilities at our foreseen parking places! On our website you can find a complete list of all the camping places in Knokke-Heist.

*Parking your car in Knokke-Heist
Knokke-Heist is divided in different parking area's with different parking rates.
The green zones are only 5€/day. Orange = 15€/day. Red = Limited parking of 1 hour! MAP WITH PARKING AREAS IN KNOKKE-HEIST

The Notice Of Race is also online.
Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or need information,
Hopefully see you soon!

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